SUNRISE, SUNSET (and clouds that come in between)


At 8.00pm (I nearly missed it as I was typing and only by chance looked up through the window) ……..and at 6.59pm (an hour earlier)   Advertisements



Last scene made with a different camera – Sony a6000 ‘mirrorless’.

These images were made over one hour from 8.00pm to 8.58pm with 2 different cameras looking directly south (The Abbotsford Convent skyline) AND south-west (the office next door to my apartment block and further south-west to the inner suburbs of Melbourne).   A couple were a bit blurred but its the sky colour that is significant in this post. The show ended at 8.58pm.

The first 2 images were made a couple of minutes apart…. ……and the last 3 images were made about 40 minutes later (at differing focal lengths obviously).

This image is the same scene as in the 2nd last post but just zoomed in with the telephoto lens I was using.