SUNRISE, SUNSET (and clouds that come in between)


It’s been a couple of weeks since Melbourne has had a decent sunset worth photographing, but last night made up for it.  Images made with a Canon DSLR on Aperture Priority and Manual Mode AND my Sony a6000 ‘mirrorless’ on the  Intelligent Auto setting (which captures superb colour). At 5.22pm not much sign of the colour to come – only heavy black storm clouds with a ‘hole’ in the sky.   The… Read More

Melbourne was blessed with a gorgeous sunset last night and I only wish I was down the beach or somewhere with a clear view of the sky.  But the reality is there’s only so much one can capture by standing on my apartment balcony and looking up the short steep hill towards the main road to the west.   Not having a car means I always prefer to be home by dark… Read More

Too much heavy rain and cloud cover towards Sunset – but still worth a view.

I couldn’t decide on the best shot to show off the sky colour last week, so you get a selection.

Not much of a sunset – just some ‘dirty’ clouds at Dusk. Hey……..Melbourne can’t produce a sunset every night of the year. Note for those following my Nature Blog.  That tree on the right hand side of the frame has been cut down by the Developers in preparation for construction of the new Apartment Block opposite my balcony.  It’s just an ugly stump at the moment.

Autumn in Melbourne, Australia, is usually the time when we get magnificent (or at least better-than-usual) sunsets. Not a lot so far, but even a small one is a welcome sight, especially if it has rained and/or been overcast during the day. If you have the time, (and interest), take a few minutes to quickly scroll back through past posts on this blog.  Since it’s mainly an image blog…….. with few words,… Read More


I have to apologise for the lousy compositions in this post, but since this blog is about the sky, not the landscape, I’m sure you will excuse me.  I nearly missed the sunset last night as I had the block-out blinds down early due to the heavily overcast sky from the rain.  Even then, when I peeped through the side of the blind I was so awestruck, I just grabbed 2 cameras… Read More

Not a great sunset, so we’ll call this one ‘Clouds that come in Between’ The last image does not really portray the scene too well.  The reality was more like tiny flames scattered across the sky (and maybe I should have edited the image to make it look more like those tiny flames) 🙂

If there’s no sign of the setting sun directly in front of me where I sit at my desk (in front of my lounge window), how do I know it’s coming? I just glance to the left hand side of the floor-to-ceiling windows where they joint the side window and I see a reflection coming from the top of the hill next to the main road far to the north-west. How ‘neat’… Read More