This image is the same scene as in the 2nd last post but just zoomed in with the telephoto lens I was using.

26th July, 2015 – Storm – Winter

With 2 cyclones hitting north and north-eastern Australia causing billions of dollars in damage and flash flooding this week, I thought it might be timely to share a small storm which hit Melbourne back in 2015.  At the time I was living in a 3rd floor apartment that had an uninterrupted view across the rooftops  and surrounding skies.

These images were made exactly 5 minutes apart over one hour.

It was only a small burst of heavy rain, but just shows how the skies can change very quickly.

I made these images with my DSLR on a tripod from the warmth of my lounge room.


28th May, 2013 – Sunset – Autumn

6th July, 2012 – Dusk – Winter

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This image was made 5 minutes after the photo in the previous post (and that previous post image was made 5 minutes after the previous post to that).  So, 3 images 5 minutes apart and at different focal lengths can have very different colours.  The focus is soft in this shot, but the sky was a lovely colour all the same and deserves sharing on this particular blog (devoted to clouds and sky colours).


15th July, 2011 – 6.13am – Winter

(note: my camera says 6.13am which must be wrong – no way would I be outdoors in the Royal Botanic Gardens at that time, when this image was shot.  It must be 6.13PM).