12th August, 2016 – Sunrise – Winter

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3 Comments on “12th August, 2016 – Sunrise – Winter

    • I’m in the habit of going to bed late and getting up late since I had to take early retirement, Steve. But when I lived on a 3rd floor apartment on the north-east side of Melbourne, I fed the Spotted Turtle-doves on the balcony such that they visited many times during the day (including dawn).

      I think, but not sure, that the doves cooing first thing in the morning woke me. I kept the floor-to-ceiling windows spotless and the camera set up on a tripod looking across the rooftops to the south, hence being able to photograph some of the sunrise/sunsets, but had to go out on the balcony in my PJs to lean over the balcony and look left to see the actual sunrise.

      So while the rooftop silhouette remains pretty much the same in the 20 months I lived there. the changing sky colours were unbelievable with the 180 degree uninterrupted view of the sky.

      It was like living in a tree house………..seriously.

      It was cold in winter, I must say 🙂


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