25th December, 2015 – Sunset – Summer


3 Comments on “25th December, 2015 – Sunset – Summer

    • Thank you Pete, but to be very honest, its a combination of right time, right place and the wonderful shots captured on the (mostly) Intelligent Auto setting of the Sony a6000 ‘mirrorless’. I love the way that camera captures the extremes in light. It really does judge the extremes in contrast (where there is a horizon in the frame) and automatically brackets several photos together. Same with using that setting when there’s bright sun and dark shade during the daytime.

      I didn’t type in the details as this blog is supposed to be about sky colour & light (i.e. images only), but the photos in this post were made up in the country on my brother’s farm. His house is located on the upper side of a hill and behind it you see the setting sun on the ridge of the hill and in front of his house is a low valley where you get magnificent sunrises and/or low lying fog in winter. I rarely see the sunrises as i don’t get up early enough (when staying with him).

      Interestingly enough, I’ve even caught a few magnificent sky colours from my current apartment, even though I’m below the west facing hill and sunset is mostly hidden.

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      • Your brother’s farm sounds beautifully located, Vicki 🙂 When I take sunset or sunrise shots I also tend to use the cameras auto settings as they capture the variences in colour really well. Although when I was in Wales back in April I did have a go with the manual setting with some mixed results.

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