19th September, 2014 – Sunset – Spring

There’s a story behind the series of images in this post.

I had seen a spectacular sunset the night before walking home from the Royal Botanic Gardens.  I decided to go down to St Kilda beach and walk out to the end of the long pier at dusk in the hope of catching a ‘repeat performance’ by Mother Nature.  Melbourne has some of the most spectacular sunsets, or sky colours, depending on your location around the city, inner suburbs or at the nearby Bayside Beaches.

It was a freezing cold afternoon this day and by the time I reached the end of the pier, I was chilled to the bone,  but determined to see it out (until dark).

The sunset appeared, but it was really rather ordinary in the grand scheme of Melbourne Sunsets.  I walked rather dejectedly back to shore, turning from time to time to take photos along the way.  St Kilda pier is actually quite long and takes some time to walk to shore when you’re carrying heavy gear.  At least I had been able to practice with varying horizons.  I find it hard to get the horizon in the right place sometimes (depending on whether I want the foreground or background to star within the frame).

By the time I reached shore I was chilled to the bone due to lack of adequate warm clothing and the icy cold wind, so decided to stop at the nearest Fish’n’Chip shop for some piping hot chips to warm up before my journey home via public transport.

As I sat on the cafe barstool, camera on the bench and hot food half-eaten, I was amazed to see the most spectacular array of colour spread across the horizon and hastily shot 3-4 images – not particularly well – through the cafe window.

Next minute, the brilliant colour was gone and I headed for home via tram and then, bus.  My haste to be indoors in the warmth made me miss one of the most spectacular sunsets in the early years of my Photography hobby.

I vowed not to be so hasty in future.


5 Comments on “19th September, 2014 – Sunset – Spring

    • I guess if it hadn’t been so cold I would have stayed out on the end of the pier much longer.

      These days I don’t like to stay out late as I can’t afford to catch a chill with having a heart condition. Trouble is I get so hot walking, I tend to wear less (rather than more). Of course it would different if i had a car and could drive home quickly.

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    • I love really good hot chips, crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
      Fortunately, there aren’t any good Fish’n’chip shops near my home otherwise I’d be the size of a hippo 🙂


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