12th February, 2012 – Sunrise – Summer


8 Comments on “12th February, 2012 – Sunrise – Summer

    • Funny you should say that, Peggy. I woke just after 6.00am this morning and (imagined) getting dressed, going downstairs with my tripod and camera and out the back door and standing waiting for the sun to rise in the east and………………………rolled over and went back to sleep instead LOL.
      (remember my apartment faces the road and west. The garage door downstairs faces east, the nature reserve and the river) 🙂

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    • All people with CFS & FM have trouble reaching deep restful restorative sleep, Peggy, but I had a formal sleep study done at the Research Unit of my local Hospital and it revealed further problems, one of which is related to my heart condition.
      When working, I was trying to survive on 2-3 hours sleep each night and then lying awake in pain for the rest of the night. This lasted for 2 1/2 years (until I was formally diagnosed with FM & CFS etc) and I now have a specific drug to take in the evening. But, I can only drink one caffeine drink first thing in the morning and definitely none after midday. Needless to say, I hate walking past fragrant coffee shops etc. I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee 🙂


      • I love the smell of coffee too, but limit myself to two per day (not all that strong) and nothing after about 10am. Then I can sleep. Sorry to hear your case is so much more severe.

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