This post marks the END of my Sunrise, Sunset (& Clouds that come in between) blog, but I will leave it up for a while if you wish to look at the archives.


The new apartment building being constructed across the road will block out the view to the west completely (when finished).   The construction crew are only up to the second floor and already, my view of the setting sun is severely restricted.   Not really enough view of the horizon any more.   The sunset would normally appear in the middle third of the image below.







5.09 PM – 18TH JULY 2019

5.20PM – 18TH JULY 2019

5.27 PM – 18TH JULY 2019

I’ve missed photographing quite a few sunsets in the last month as (new) computer bugs have taken up my time, but last night’s sunset was a stunner.  I think it was brighter than my actual images, but as always, hard to capture as due west falls between the apartment building at the top of my hill and the facade of my own apartment building.

Sometimes I wish I lived on the other/east side of the local river which would give a clearer view.   My apartment block, located halfway down a hill, falls into shade very quickly.

New followers please note, this blog is not about landscapes or great photo compositions.   It is merely the colour in the sky I see from my lounge and/or apartment balcony at dusk.

(I go to bed late and get up late so miss the sunrise).


I’ve see some stunning sunsets lately but been on route home in taxis or buses and haven’t had a camera with me.

Last night the sky was amazing, not exactly sunset colour, just interesting light and clouds

I actually had a camera with me when I stepped off the bus on the main road near my home the other day and while I missed the most spectacular part of the sunset, it was nice to catch a new silhouette to photograph (apart from images taken from my apartment balcony).

I’ve missed several sunsets lately, but was free at just the right time tonight………

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Not much of a sunset tonight, but always worth stopping, gazing up to the sky and thinking what a wonderful world it would be (if civil unrest, war, corruption, greed and domestic violence disappeared forever).

3rd March, 2019 – Sunset – Autumn

The seasons may have changed, but it was still fairly hot last Sunday.

Today…………it is cold!

Even the silhouette at the top of the cliff in front of my balcony has changed.

15th February, 2019 – Sunset – Summer

It was an interesting sunset last night.  I nearly missed it as I was cooking a new recipe which takes all my concentration.  But when I did notice a golden glow in the lounge it was a quick scramble for a camera.  Well, both cameras – Canon DSLR & Sigma 17-50mm lens AND Sony a6000 & 55-210mm lens.  They give different views and shades of colour, so it’s always worth a few shots with each.

At one stage, due to the cross-current of wind high up, the clouds of colour looked like flames of a fire bending this way and that.

(note: I really need to go down and walk over the footbridge to the other side of the river to see if I can get a more interesting silhouette.  Methinks the cliff-top and apartment/houses is getting a wee bit boring (for me).  I’m too far from the coast to get a sunset down the beach (without a car and minimal buses around that time).

Not much lighting around my area at night and certainly none by the riverside walking path, so too dangerous to wandering down around the river unless there was a full moon.


We haven’t had many good sunsets lately, but we have had some dark storm clouds and even, a few flash floods in the streets.  One evening at dusk, the wind was very strong for a Summer’s day and a couple of houses lost their roofs, but in general, not much colour to report for my ‘sky colour’ blog.

The following series was made over the course of about 2 hours.  My western suburb is near Melbourne’s main airport, but not so near for the sound to be a problem.  You’ll notice halfway through this series that a plane was lit up from the dying sun below and I wondered at the time, what the passengers would see from their aircraft windows?  Would their cabin be lit up like a brilliant spotlight inside?  Or outside?

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27th January, 2019 – Sunset – Summer

At first I wasn’t sure we were going to get a sunset last night.  I took a photo of the cloud pattern anyway, then back to my tiny galley kitchen to cook.  I turned around to see my lounge room lit up with a golden glow I dashed over to the open balcony sliding door with my camera…….

At one stage, I leant over my apartment balcony railing and looked along the small townhouse lined street to the south, but not much colour to see there.

The end of another beautiful sky colour to mark mid summer.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) it’s only from my balcony I see this colour as I live halfway up a steep hill.  If I go down to the nearby river, some 6-7 minutes walk away, I’m too low down in the river valley and the cliff face blocks most of the sunset.


18th January, 2019 – Sunset – Summer

Hopefully, today, at 44C (i.e. about 111F) is the last day of the current heatwave in Melbourne.  Of course, it’s the clouds, that make most of our sunsets so spectacular.

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I’m way behind with sharing Sunsets and Cloud formations, so these shots were made nearly a month ago.


27th November, 2018 – Sunset – Spring

I’ve haven’t seen, or caught any sunsets lately, but my brother, who lives in the country, sent me 4 images taken with his iPhone and they were so striking, I thought I’d share them.  We’ve certainly had some very heavy rain in my inner western suburb in recent days and it appears that Country Victoria has had some too, going by the black clouds my brother captured.

I like the third image the best because it includes my favourite tree, always visible on the horizon at sunset.


…..and some images I’ve made over a number of years up at the family farm.  They would be around Christmas because that’s when I’m more likely to visit.  Note the tree on the top of the hill.  Long-time followers will already have seen these images, but no harm in having a review.


I’ve neglected this blog for a few weeks, but I have been busy at dusk so if there have been any spectacular sunsets I’ve missed them.

A few days ago, we did have one of our unusual ‘cracks’ in the cloud cover and the light was amazing.  I took several dozen images, but I’m not sure I captured the cloud cover very well.  My apartment faces the road OR into the hillside, so falls into shadow before the rest of the landscape in this urban river valley.

There is a point when its dark outdoors (for the most), but the tops of the apartment blocks and townhouses opposite mine, just catch the brilliant sun before it slips behind the west-facing horizon.

So while not a spectacular sunset, I hope you enjoy my ‘dusk’ as it appears.

20th August, 2018 – Sunset – Winter


4th August, 2018 – Sunset – Winter

It’s been a couple of weeks since Melbourne has had a decent sunset worth photographing, but last night made up for it.  Images made with a Canon DSLR on Aperture Priority and Manual Mode AND my Sony a6000 ‘mirrorless’ on the  Intelligent Auto setting (which captures superb colour).

At 5.22pm not much sign of the colour to come – only heavy black storm clouds with a ‘hole’ in the sky.


The colour started at about 5.35pm and ended at 6.11pm.

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Melbourne was blessed with a gorgeous sunset last night and I only wish I was down the beach or somewhere with a clear view of the sky.  But the reality is there’s only so much one can capture by standing on my apartment balcony and looking up the short steep hill towards the main road to the west.   Not having a car means I always prefer to be home by dark at my age & health situation.

20 minutes later. if I look to the true west and zoom in a little, the clouds appear more yellow/golden just before the sunset disappears and the sky goes dark.

Is it my imagination or does the lower edge of the cloud cover follow the outline of the silhouette in this shot?

Too much heavy rain and cloud cover towards Sunset – but still worth a view.

I couldn’t decide on the best shot to show off the sky colour last week, so you get a selection.

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24th April, 2018 – Dusk – Autumn

Not much of a sunset – just some ‘dirty’ clouds at Dusk.

Hey……..Melbourne can’t produce a sunset every night of the year.

Note for those following my Nature Blog.  That tree on the right hand side of the frame has been cut down by the Developers in preparation for construction of the new Apartment Block opposite my balcony.  It’s just an ugly stump at the moment.

21st April, 2018 – Sunset – Autumn

Autumn in Melbourne, Australia, is usually the time when we get magnificent (or at least better-than-usual) sunsets.

Not a lot so far, but even a small one is a welcome sight, especially if it has rained and/or been overcast during the day.

If you have the time, (and interest), take a few minutes to quickly scroll back through past posts on this blog.  Since it’s mainly an image blog…….. with few words, you can quickly get an overall picture of how spectacular the sky is over Melbourne.  I’ve changed the settings to show 50 posts continuously, so you don’t have to waste time clicking on the words ‘previous post’.  Just click on the Header name first to show them in one continuous line.


11th April, 2018 – Sunset – Autumn

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24th March, 2018 – Sunset – Autumn

I have to apologise for the lousy compositions in this post, but since this blog is about the sky, not the landscape, I’m sure you will excuse me.  I nearly missed the sunset last night as I had the block-out blinds down early due to the heavily overcast sky from the rain.  Even then, when I peeped through the side of the blind I was so awestruck, I just grabbed 2 cameras out of their bags, pulled the blinds up, opened the sliding door and shot ‘willy-nilly‘ before it all disappeared.  Gosh, I didn’t even manage to get the silhouette or trees in focus.

It was so quick that I assume the wind was pretty strong higher up.  I managed 20 shots and here are 12 of them as I couldn’t decide which ones showed off the sky colour the best.  If I’d known it was going to be a great light show, I might have walked down to the nearby river to get images without the apartment buildings and trees in the frame.

15th March, 2018 – Dusk – Autumn

Not a great sunset, so we’ll call this one ‘Clouds that come in Between’

The last image does not really portray the scene too well.  The reality was more like tiny flames scattered across the sky (and maybe I should have edited the image to make it look more like those tiny flames) 🙂

3rd March, 2018 – Sunset – Autumn

If there’s no sign of the setting sun directly in front of me where I sit at my desk (in front of my lounge window), how do I know it’s coming?

I just glance to the left hand side of the floor-to-ceiling windows where they joint the side window and I see a reflection coming from the top of the hill next to the main road far to the north-west.

How ‘neat’ is that 🙂

I had a problem choosing a small number out of the 47 photos I took that night, so here’s a selection……….perhaps too many?………I just can’t make decisions these days 🙂

Then standing on my apartment balcony looking to the right, (closer to true west), shows a row of trees at the top of the hill which can be a completely different cloud cover and colour (to that straight in front of me on the main road atop a steep 30′ cliff).

Back to directly in front, slightly south of ‘true’ west…..

12th February, 2018 – Sunset – Summer

At 8.00pm (I nearly missed it as I was typing and only by chance looked up through the window)

……..and at 6.59pm (an hour earlier)


30th January, 2018 – Sunset – Summer

25th January, 2018 – Sunset – Summer

21st January, 2018 – Sunset – Summer

 This image was made towards the end of the sunset, but I like it the best out of about 50 photos that I shot.  I nearly missed tonight’s sunset as I’d fallen asleep in my chair, but woke up just in time to see a change of sky colour on the horizon (at the start of the series below).



7th January, 2018 – Sunset – Summer

Last scene made with a different camera – Sony a6000 ‘mirrorless’.

20th December, 2017 – Sunset – Summer

Note the plane above the cloud. Can you imagine how magical it would have been to be sitting in a window seat on a plane looking out as the sun went down tonight.

16th November, 2017 – Sunset – Spring


I nearly missed the sunset last night.

It was small and fleeting.

This was all that was left (of it) from my apartment balcony looking up the hill to the main road when I stepped out to see if my potted plants needed watering.

6th November, 2017 – Sunset – Spring

7th November, 2017 – Sunset – Spring

30th January, 2017 – Sunrise – Summer

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13th July, 2016 – Winter Storm

30th June, 2016 – Sunset – Winter

……..and then, 20 minutes later, after a brief rain shower……..

29th January 2016 – Summer

These images were made over one hour from 8.00pm to 8.58pm with 2 different cameras looking directly south (The Abbotsford Convent skyline) AND south-west (the office next door to my apartment block and further south-west to the inner suburbs of Melbourne).  

These clouds are zoomed in to the right hand side of the first image.

A couple were a bit blurred but its the sky colour that is significant in this post.

The show ended at 8.58pm.

The first 2 images were made a couple of minutes apart….

……and the last 3 images were made about 40 minutes later (at differing focal lengths obviously).

There was no sunset this particular summer evening, but the contrast between the clear sky above my suburb and the storm clouds to the South were quite unusual and very striking.

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NOTE: to gain a full appreciation of how much the skies changed over the 20 months I lived in a 3rd floor apartment, may I suggest you click on the HOME button at the top of your screen (after viewing each post) and scroll back through a few posts to compare the colours of the skies. 

The last of the sunset lights the top of The Good Shepherd Chapel, Abottsford Convent (to the south) from my (then) 3rd floor apartment balcony.

Leaning over the balcony fence, looking to the right – west – over the nearby warehouse roof………..was the most amazing orange sky colour I’ve ever seen.  It was like the sky was on fire.

Of course this post is all about the sky colour, not the lousy 🙂 silhouette.

This image was made about 40 minutes after the images in the previous post.

10th August, 2015 – Sunset – Winter

Would you believe………………..12 minutes after the previous post image.