15th March, 2018 – Dusk – Autumn

Not a great sunset, so we’ll call this one ‘Clouds that come in Between’

The last image does not really portray the scene too well.  The reality was more like tiny flames scattered across the sky (and maybe I should have edited the image to make it look more like those tiny flames) 🙂


3rd March, 2018 – Sunset – Autumn

If there’s no sign of the setting sun directly in front of me where I sit at my desk (in front of my lounge window), how do I know it’s coming?

I just glance to the left hand side of the floor-to-ceiling windows where they joint the side window and I see a reflection coming from the top of the hill next to the main road far to the north-west.

How ‘neat’ is that 🙂

I had a problem choosing a small number out of the 47 photos I took that night, so here’s a selection……….perhaps too many?………I just can’t make decisions these days 🙂

Then standing on my apartment balcony looking to the right, (closer to true west), shows a row of trees at the top of the hill which can be a completely different cloud cover and colour (to that straight in front of me on the main road atop a steep 30′ cliff).

Back to directly in front, slightly south of ‘true’ west…..

12th February, 2018 – Sunset – Summer

At 8.00pm (I nearly missed it as I was typing and only by chance looked up through the window)

……..and at 6.59pm (an hour earlier)


30th January, 2018 – Sunset – Summer

25th January, 2018 – Sunset – Summer

21st January, 2018 – Sunset – Summer

 This image was made towards the end of the sunset, but I like it the best out of about 50 photos that I shot.  I nearly missed tonight’s sunset as I’d fallen asleep in my chair, but woke up just in time to see a change of sky colour on the horizon (at the start of the series below).



7th January, 2018 – Sunset – Summer

Last scene made with a different camera – Sony a6000 ‘mirrorless’.

20th December, 2017 – Sunset – Summer

Note the plane above the cloud. Can you imagine how magical it would have been to be sitting in a window seat on a plane looking out as the sun went down tonight.

16th November, 2017 – Sunset – Spring


I nearly missed the sunset last night.

It was small and fleeting.

This was all that was left (of it) from my apartment balcony looking up the hill to the main road when I stepped out to see if my potted plants needed watering.

6th November, 2017 – Sunset – Spring

7th November, 2017 – Sunset – Spring

30th January, 2017 – Sunrise – Summer

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

13th July, 2016 – Winter Storm

30th June, 2016 – Sunset – Winter

……..and then, 20 minutes later, after a brief rain shower……..

29th January 2016 – Summer

These images were made over one hour from 8.00pm to 8.58pm with 2 different cameras looking directly south (The Abbotsford Convent skyline) AND south-west (the office next door to my apartment block and further south-west to the inner suburbs of Melbourne).  

These clouds are zoomed in to the right hand side of the first image.

A couple were a bit blurred but its the sky colour that is significant in this post.

The show ended at 8.58pm.

The first 2 images were made a couple of minutes apart….

……and the last 3 images were made about 40 minutes later (at differing focal lengths obviously).

There was no sunset this particular summer evening, but the contrast between the clear sky above my suburb and the storm clouds to the South were quite unusual and very striking.